Personalized Yoga and Meditation Weekly Guidance to Revitalize Your Leadership, Wellbeing, Energy and Clarity.

Align Your Body, Breath and Mind to Maximize Your Impact, Support Your Energy, and Embrace Your Authentic Leadership Path

$600 every month
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Here's What You'll Receive:
  • Expert yoga and meditation guidance personalized to your unique goals and alignment strategies
  • (4) Weekly yoga and meditation private sessions via virtual and/or in-person (if in the Madison, WI area)
  • Access the power of breath, ancient wisdom and body/mind connection to harness all your leadership resources to maximize your impact
  • Timely access to Zach throughout the length of your engagement to ask questions, share observances and address quick topics for accelerated transformation
  • Strong accountability for you to successfully build a healthy habit of yoga and meditation
  • Access to meditation, relaxation and breathing resources to support your at-home and on-the-go practice
  • Build proven skills to sustain your energy, increase your self-awareness and harness your emotional intelligence to support your impact goals.
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