Transformational Addiction and Recovery Coaching

So That You Can Thrive Beyond Addiction To Embrace Your TRUE SELF!

Address the root drivers of addiction and recovery through transformational recovery coaching, yoga, and Whole-Person integration

Make a Commitment to Forge Your Unique Path of Healing, Recovery, and Empowerment to Pursue the Path to Your TRUE SELF.

If you are looking to move beyond the traditional “disease model” of addiction and embrace a spiritual and wholistic approach to recovery that incorporates ancient wisdom, whole-person healing, and transformational recovery best practices, then you’ve come to the right place.  Addiction isn't a disease, but rather a security and protection mechanism of your addictive mind that is no longer supporting your human experience and highest self.

From a transformational and yogic perspective, addiction and the path to recovery take on a whole new meaning and opportunity to embrace your TRUE SELF--and once and for all heal the addictive mind!

  • Build a strong and supportive foundation through key habits, transformational recovery tools, and powerful momentum levers that are personalized to you.
  • ​​Unlock your unique recovery and path to your TRUE SELF.
  • ​Leverage the power of breath and tap into your powerful energetic body to expand your life force (prana).
  • ​Bring greater clarity to your path beyond addiction, by understanding your unique path into addiction.
  • ​Harness yoga's immutable laws of mind and tantra's worldview to heal and empower all of you.
  • ​Identify and overcome the root causes and main drivers of the addictive mind that the traditional 'disease model' of addiction doesn't sufficiently address.

Who Is Going to Get the Most From Transformational Addiction and Recovery Coaching?

  •  People suffering with addiction and/or on the path of recovery from alcohol, gambling, sex and other drugs.
  • ​People who want to pursue a wholistic model of transformation verses a 'disease model' approach.
  • ​Families struggling with addiction.
  • ​Spiritual seekers (of any religion or spirituality) with addiction in their past or present. 
  • ​Yoga and spiritual practitioners that are struggling with addiction and/or have struggled with addiction in the past.

There are infinite ways you can express your addictive mind, and thus there are infinite ways to heal. Your unique path beyond addiction is as unique as the path to your TRUE SELF.

Hi, I'm Zach...

I'm a purpose, clarity, transformational recovery and psychedelic integration coach. I love to work with light workers, leaders, creatives, and heart-centered humans to help them unlock their unique healing and empowerment, and forge their unique path to their TRUE SELF.

After graduating college I struggled with a gambling addiction that was further exacerbated with drugs and alcohol. I healed through the power of yoga, tantra and psychedelic integration.

For the past 15+ years I've been blessed to have studied and practiced with world renowned leaders of yoga, meditation, tantra, total wellbeing, business, purpose & drive, systems integration, transformation, and more. Now I am called to give back...It is in coaching leaders, creatives and heart-centered humans that I am practicing my highest purpose.

I am a graduate of the Being True to You Coaching Program—a leader in the addiction recovery and psychedelic integration space—which has deepened my purpose in helping people overcome addiction and uncover their unique path of recovery to once again thrive! 

 Addiction isn't a disease, but rather a security and protection mechanism of your addictive mind that is no longer supporting your human experience and highest self.

What You Can Expect And How it Works...

Transformational addiction and recovery coaching is a personalized coaching program with weekly 1-hour virtual sessions to uncover and support your unique path of healing and empowerment to move beyond addiction. Although there are best practices and patterns of healing, there are no two paths of addiction and recovery that are the same. Therefore, every transformational coaching program is personalized to meet your unique needs to move beyond addiction and pursue the path of your TRUE SELF.   

How Long of a Commitment Do I Need to Make?

You'll need to commit to at least 3-months (12 sessions) of transformational coaching for optimal results. After 3-months we'll evaluate your unique path of recovery to support your path to embrace your TRUE SELF. 

Here Are Common Themes that We'll Explore and Personalize...

  • ​Uncover your unique recovery process and outcomes to align with your beliefs, spirituality and your unique history of addiction. 
  • ​Accelerate your understanding of the science and power of entheogenic mushrooms and Ketamine that are showing promising results in overcoming addiction.
  • ​Teach you to implement and understand the power of breath to create the right environment for personal healing and empowerment.
  • ​Explore the ancient art and science of energy expansion (prana) through the lens of yoga and spiritual unfoldment.
  • ​Uncover your key drivers and habits to embrace your unique path of healing and recovery.
  • ​Embrace the Power of Your Body/Mind Connection Through Somatic Experiencing.
  • ​ The power of yoga and the yogic model of the mind to understand your unique drivers of addiction and recovery.
  • ​​Leverage the power of tantra to tap you back into the beauty, wholeness, creativity, and connection of our human experience.

The vast majority of people in recovery (including me!), counterintuitively feel grateful for their addiction experience because it challenged them to become the person they are today. The only way to thrive beyond addiction is to forge your unique path to embrace your TRUE SELF. 

The 'Disease Model' of Addiction vs. Transformational Recovery Orientation

The 'disease model' of addiction says that there is something fundamentally wrong with you. That your brain and mind are fundamentally flawed. 

In addition, the 'disease model' of addiction offers pharmaceuticals and isolated rehabilitation stays, that may not truly address the root of your addictive behavior. Pharmaceuticals and standard rehabilitation treatment can be a life-saver for many to survive addiction, but the only way to thrive beyond addiction is to forge your unique path to embrace your TRUE SELF. 

The Transformational Recovery Model looks at the nature of the addictive mind that consists of your unique blend of personality traits, norms, emotional maturity, substance use and coping mechanisms, upbringing, unconscious blindspots, and deeply ingrained habits (samskaras) that color your mind from embracing your TRUE SELF.

These deeply ingrained emotional patterns can make you powerless over pursuing the life you want to create and the person you want to become that can lead into substance abuse that has taken control of your life. 

These drivers of addiction can include crippling anxiety, depression, chronic stress, substance abuse, unhealthy relationships, chronic frustration, grief, suppressing feelings, and more.

Don't Just Survive Addiction. Move Beyond Addiction and Embrace the Path to Your TRUE SELF. 
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